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Welcome to TransTechnical Solutions

TransTechnical Solutions is an organisation based in Meadowdale, Johannesburg South Africa. Strategically Johannesburg is vital to the South African and African markets, with International and Local companies relying on the Technical, Financial and Manufacturing infrastructure based in the Gauteng region. TransTechnical Solutions is a supplier to the Industrial, Mining, Rail, and Governmental Sectors of the South African and African markets with a comprehensive product range, incorporating Low, Medium and High Voltage Equipment.

Our association includes Major OEM Manufacturers reaching as far as Europe, Asia and the America’s, which enables TransTechnical Solutions to offer comprehensive solutions to our clients, based on the latest technology available world wide.In our commitment to quality, TransTechnical Solutions and our partners comply with the most stringent National and International Standards and Approvals and utilize the latest technology and materials in our manufacturing processes.

TransTechnical Solutions' focus is based on two distinct sectors of the market, Low Voltage Cable Management, Distribution and Monitoring Equipment, and Medium Voltage Power Transmission and Distribution Equipment.