Current Recorders

The Amp-Master AM 1000 current recorder is used to monitor and record flow profile’s of overhead power line installations. By using the Amp-Master installation adaptor the AM 1000 can be installed and removed without interrupting supply using a standard link stick. Programming and Downloading: PC based software complete with serial cable is supplied for easy configuration and downloading profiles via serial cable. Recording Intervals of 1, 5, 10, 15, 30 and 60 minutes can be preset via Amp-Master software with sampling intervals of 10 seconds as standard. Onboard memory is capable of storing 16000 recording with the ability to wrap around for a continuous recording cycle.

AM 1000 is able to record in three modes: Immediate mode – recording commences immediately Current present – recording commences as soon as flow is detected above trigger level preset by user. Scheduled Run – recording commences on time and date preset by user. Amp-Master software enables a graphical or tubular view including a recording summary for ease of interpretation. Profile’s can be stored or exported into Microsoft Excel for further viewing or manipulation. Compatibility – Windows based Software for ME, NT, XP and 2000